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The races usually last between 4 and 8 hours, with a 1 hour qualifying session on race day. Exclusive Fun Cup testing takes place the day before the race and the grid positions are made from a random ballot, rather than times set in qualifying.

Each race is split into sections of between 30 and 60 minutes, at the end of which, there is a pit stop window when each car must stop and may refuel. Refuelling cannot take place at any other time. When in the pits, the driver must get out and either run round the car before getting back in again, or be replaced by another driver and in that way, how ever many drivers in a team, there is no disadvantage.

Fun Cup 2012 Fixtures




Track Layout

1 11th March Snetterton 300 6 Hrs Track and info
2 1st April Donington 5 Hrs Track and Info
3 19th May Croft 5 Hrs Track and info
4 2nd June Snetterton 200 6 Hrs Track and info
Non Champ 7th-8th July Spa 25 Hrs  
5 4th August Brands Hatch 4 Hrs Track and info
6 29th September Anglesey 6 Hrs  
7 13th October Oulton Park 4 Hrs Track and info

Fun Cup 2012
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July 25th 2011

Team Furious TVR Momentum

RACE REPORT: TVR Challenge at DONINGTON PARK, 1 July 2011

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