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Thursday 12th May 2011

Fast and Furious - TVR Racer Perry Waddams Wants You On the Team

Fast and Furious - TVR Racer Perry Waddams Wants You On the Team

Kentisbeare man Perry Waddams has been a fan of TVRs for over 20 years and has owned several of the archetypal British sports cars. He is a specialist in TVR sales, but only part time.

The rest of his time is spent racing and maintaining car 77, a thunderous, 430 brake horsepower, V8-engined TVR Tuscan.

Perry saved for years to be able to afford a historic TVR Tuscan race car, driven by a passion for racing and for the Tuscan in particular. It then took him two years of planning and building, working from boxes of bits, to create his own.

When most 51 year olds would be thinking it was time to re-pave the patio, to take a nice holiday without the kids for the first time and possibly to invest in a slightly sportier Mondeo, Perry went racing. He made his debut in car 77, the car he built, at Rockingham Motor Speedway in August 2010.

Perry is passionate about the Tuscan, about which he says: “I love the look of the Tuscan Challenge car. It’s hard not to want one every time you see one. More than that, it’s very capable and a blisteringly fast drive, up to 200mph, and there aren’t many faster race series, certainly not amongst the single makes.”

He raced for the first time at Castle Combe last year and his lap times in the Tuscan were 5.5 seconds a lap quicker than the Britcar entrants he had watched two years before, when he remembered thinking “How hard can that be?” and realised he’d been bitten by the TVR Tuscan bug.

He especially likes Castle Combe because it’s “fast and furious”, closely followed by Donington Park for its real test of skills. “A circuit for speed hounds,” says Perry.

Keeping the car on the road isn’t just an exercise in driver skills though. It all boils down to economics as motor racing is not the cheapest form of competition to be involved in.

Perry’s racing is supported by Dulford Car Sales, Dulford Automotive,, D&H plant hire, Astra Printing, Body craft, Royal Purple racing oils, West Country GRP and most recently Hel Performance brake lines. Perry is keen to hear from anyone else who would like to experience the high octane world of motor racing.

“We like to get our supporters involved,” says Perry. “If you come on board and sponsor the team, there are opportunities for you, your guests and employees to visit the pit lane. We can also bring the car along to any promotions or exhibitions that our sponsors are running, as it’s always a real talking point. The team will be ambassadors for your business on race days and throughout the rest of the year. It’s a really good opportunity to promote your company name and what you do.”

You can find out more about Team Furious TVR Momentum on the website at and contact Perry at [email protected]
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