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Drag Racing

Drag Racing took off in the UK during the 1960's when, like in the USA, many of the old disused airstrips around the country were converted to drag strips.
In Britain Santa Pod Raceway is the home of European Drag Racing and host to the televised FIA European Drag Racing Championships.
Drag Racing originated in the USA during the 1920's. During prohibition the sellers of illegal alcohol, "the Moonshine Boys" outran the authorities by making their everyday runabout cars fast and powerful by hiding bigger and more highly tuned engines inside - the Hot Rod was born!  After the end of prohibition the Hot Rodders continued and all over America, roads were being used to settle the 'mine is faster than yours argument'. Most towns had a main road running down the middle and junctions controlled by traffic lights, the Hot Rodders would race down the main drag from one set of lights to the other - the beginning of Drag Racing.
Official Drag Racing Championships include:
The "FIA European Drag Racing Championships"; The MSA British Drag Racing Championship; The UEM European Drag Bike Championship; The ACU Drag Bike Championship; The SPRC (Santa Pod Racers Club) Sportsman Drag Racing Championships: The NDRS Drag Racing Series.

Santa Pod Raceway
Shakespeare County Raceway

April 25th 2013

Drag Racing Fans Hit by Exploding Car

The terrifying moment a car flies into packed stands after exploding during drag race. These shocking pictures show the moment a drag racing car exploded, sending its wrecked body hurtling through the air into the watching crowd. The dramatic video footag

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