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Tuesday 23rd April 2013

Kristian Whatley dominates Red Bull Series opener

While Sebastian Vettel was winning the Formula One Grand Prix in Bahrain for Red Bull, New Forest teenager Kristian Whatley was busy dominating the experts class in the opening round of the Red Bull Motocross Series at Landrake near Saltash in Cornwall.

He won the first 16-lap race from French ace Milko Potisek by 18 seconds after leading the race from the word go.

Kristian Whatley won two experts class races as the Red Bull Motocross Series opened at Landrake.

The second race featured a close scrap between Whatley and Nicholas Aubin. Aubin led the race for 13 laps but he was held up by slower riders in the closing stages and Whatley slipped through the net.

Whatley came off in the early stages of the final race but he battled his way up through the field and he passed Brad Anderson and Gert Krestinov on the last lap to finish second to Potisek.

Belgian Steven Lenoir won two of the three 250cc class races but was robbed of a possible hat-trick in the second race by a poor start.

Simon Prideaux won the BSSA’s hour-long timed and observation trial at Hanham Mills, Bristol, on Saturday evening by 18 marks from Jason Hamblin.

Apart from the top four finishers in the Enduro class, they, and Jack Blacker and Stuart Bowden, were the only ones to complete seven laps.

Most of the marks lost on observation were in the second, fourth and fifth sections.

British Ladies champion Becky Cook won the experts class in the fifth round of the Wessex Centre Trial Championship staged by the Frome Club at Beaconsfield Farm, West Harptree on Sunday. But it was a nail-biting finish with current title leader Kurt Brain finishing a single mark in arrears and 14-times former champion Colin Crease in third place a further mark down.

In a low-scoring event, Henry Pym and Trevor Ashford retained clean sheets in the clubman expert class and Martyn Wilmore did likewise in the over 40 years of age class.

However, Cook, Brain and Crease all incurred one maximum mark penalty.

Becky lost her mark on her first lap in the ninth section on an approach to a rock step. Brain incurred a similar penalty at the same spot on his last lap and Crease came to a halt on undulating going in the tenth. Sixty-four contested the three-lap 14-section event.


Red Bull Motocross Series (round I) at Landrake, Cornwall – Experts open class, first race: 1, K Whatley (Kawasaki) 2, M Potisek (Yamaha) 3, B Anderson (Kawasaki) 4, N Aubin (Honda) 5, G Krestinov (Kawasaki) 6, J Law (KTM). Second race: 1, Whatley 2, Aubin 3, Potisek 4, J Waterman (KTM) 5, Krestinov 6, S Edmonds (TM). Third race: 1, Potisek 2, Whatley 3, Krestinov 4, Anderson 5, Aubin 6, Law.

250cc, first race: 1, S Lenoir (KTM) 2, S Sword (Honda) 3, L Trickett (Kawasaki) 4, N Bradshaw (Honda) 5, J Booker (KTM) 6, G Irwin (Suzuki). Second race: 1, Irwin 2, Lenoir 3, Bradshaw 4, L Toms (Honda) 5, Brooker 6, N Watson (KTM). Third race: 1, Lenoir 2, Irwin 3, B MacKenzie (Kawasaki) 4, Bradshaw 5, M Moffat (KTM) 6, Trickett.

BSSA (Wessex) timed and observation trial at Hanham, Bristol – winner: S Prideaux (Sherco) completed 7 laps, lost 4 marks on time and 35 on observation = 39 marks lost. Runner-up: Jason Hamblin (Yamaha) 7 laps 12+45=57. First class awards: J Blacker (Sherco) 7 laps 20+61=81, S Bowden (Sherco) 7 laps 14+69=83. Non-expert awards: Mark Barnes (Sherco) 6 laps 14+52=66, S Legg (Beta) 6 laps 12+71=83, M Lewis (Sherco) 6 laps 6+81=87. Novice awards: S Baker (Sherco) 6 laps 18+82=100, D Edwards (Gas Gas) 5 laps 4+70=74, P Edwards (Gas Gas) 5 laps 12+71=83. Enduro class awards: M Ridgeway (KTM) 7 laps 9+76=76, T Smith (KTM) 7 laps 10+86=96, C Frost (KTM) 7 laps 20+81=101, H Dark (KTM) 7 laps 20+82=102.

Frome MCC trial at West Harptree, Somerset – Expert class awards: B Cook (Beta) 10 marks lost, K Brain (Sherco) 11, C Crease (Gas Gas) 12. Clubman expert: H Pym (Beta) 0, T Ashford (Beta) 0, S Watson (Gas Gas) 5. Clubmen: T Pike (Gas Gas) 9, B Male (Sherco) 16, T Godwin (Beta) 18. Novice: A Chivers (Beta) 5, I Graham (Beta) 11, G Currie (Gas Gas) 16. Over 40 years: M Wilmore (Scorpa) 0, H Ashford (Beta) 1, R Perkins (Sherco) 7, R Elliott (Gas Gas) 7. Over 50 years: G Clothier (Beta) 1, M Walker (Gas Gas) 3, C Wrigley (Beta) 3. Youth A Class: J Glover (Beta) 66. Youth B Class: G Marshman (Gas Gas) 58. B class on main route: J Knight (Beta) 11.

Yeo Vale MCC trial at Crewkerne, Somerset – Expert class awards: G Laming 14 marks lost, B Lovelace 29, O Humphris 31, F Adams 51. Best clubman expert: J Davidson 28. Clubman awards: R Samways 5, T Fry 11, P Jones 17. Pastmasters awards: R Fry 8, H Ashford 8. Over 50 years: D Fry 0, K Ring 0, W Collins 4. Novice awards: S Collins 6, M Griffen 9, R Walker 9. Pre 1965: D Williams 44. Twin shock: S Keedwell 4, R Norris 17. Youth B Class on main route: S Jones 105. Alternative route: J Knight 4. C Class: A Walker 22, A Turner 34, A Walker 36.

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