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Tuesday 7th May 2013

FIM World Motocross ? Round 6 ? Agueda, Portugal

2013 FIM MX GP series – the Grand Prix of Portugal. In the premiere MX1 class, it’s Frenchman Gautier Paulin with the victory – his second Grand Prix win in a row. Jeffrey Herlings dominated both motos to win the MX2 GP, continuing on his ‘perfect’ season. Cairoli continues to lead the MX1 points chase, while Herlings is ‘perfect’ in MX2 points.

Gautier Paulin said after his victory “It’s been a great result today and I’m really happy with my second MX1 motocross Grand Prix victory and being able to battle with Cairoli. I feel I still have some room to improve, and we are continuing to work hard with the team, who are supporting me in every way possible. I want to continue with these results and be fighting for the victory at every MX GP.”

The MXGP of Portugal saw Gautier Paulin and Jeffrey Herlings on the top of the podium in MX1 and MX2 respectively.

Defending World Motocross Champion Antonio Cairoli and Clement Desalle completed the top three of the MX1 class, while Dean Ferris and José Butrón were second and third in the MX2.

MX1 saw Gautier Paulin looking very comfortable in race one, coming from behind to pass Antonio Cairoli for the lead and then going on to win. In race two Paulin put in another strong effort, riding a comfortable second place to secure his second consecutive overall victory for the season.

Antonio Cairoli had both moto holeshots, but in race one had to settle for third after a mistake put him on the ground. Cairoli was on fire in race two leading the race unchallenged from start to finish, awarding him second overall.

Standing on the third step of the podium was Clement Desalle, who finished second in the first race and fifth in the second race after a horrific crash forced him outside the top three.

Both Evgeny Bobryshev, from Russia, and Steven Frossard, from France, did not race today.

In the MX2, defending World Champion Jeffrey Herlings proved yet again he is untouchable, not even a couple crashes could slow down the Flying Dutchman who won both races by more than a minute.

MX1 Grand Prix Results:

Gautier Paulin – KAW – 1/2
Tony Cairoli – KTM – 3/1
Clement Desalle – SUZ – 2/5
Ken de Dycker – KTM – 7/3
Tommy Searle – KAW – 6/4
Max Nagl – HON – 4/7
Jeremy van Horebeek – KAW – 5/6
David Philippaerts – HON
Kevin Strijbos – SUZ
Rui Goncalves – KTM
Shaun Simpson – TM
Tanel Leok – HON
Joel Roelants – YAM
Davide Guarneri – KTM
Augusts Justs – HON

MX2 Grand Prix Results:

Jeffrey Herlings – KTM – 1/1
Dean Ferris – YAM – 6/2
Jose Butron – KTM – 3/6
Jordi Tixier – KTM – 7/3
Chris Charlier – YAM – 4/6
Glenn Coldenhoff – KTM – 13/4
Mel Pocock – YAM
Jake Nicholls – KTM
Al Tonkov – HON
Max Anstie – SUZ – 9/11
Petar Petrov – YAM
Harri Kullas – HON
Dylan Ferrandis – KAW – 5/0
Max Desprey – YAM
Al Lupino – KAW

MX1 Championship points:

Tony Cairoli – 280
Gautier Paulin – 242
Clement Desalle – 227
Ken de Dycker – 217
Kevin Strijbos – 183
Tommy Searle – 180
Max Nagl – 132
Rui Goncalves – 131
David Philippaerts – 112
Jeremy van Horebeek – 109
Tanel Leok – 96
Shaun Simpson – 93
Joel Roelants – 92
Xavier Boog – 90
D. Guarneri – 89
Evgeny Bobryshev – 87
Jon Barragan – 67
Steven Frossard – 47

MX2 Championship points:

Jeffrey Herlings – 300
Jordi Tixier – 219
Glenn Coldenhoff – 183
Jose Butron – 178
Christophe Charlier – 171
Dean Ferris – 152
Max Anstie – 150
Jake Nicholls – 129
Al Lupino – 123
Mel Pocock – 112
Petar Petrov – 99
Romain Febvre – 98
Dylan Ferrandis – 80
Harri Kullas – 72
Julien Lieber – 71

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