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Monday 28th March 2011


The second round of the Maxxis British Motocross Championship held at the legendary Canada Heights circuit in Kent, delivered highs and lows to the Relentless Suzuki by TAS Team yesterday, as MX2 protagonist Mel Pococok ended his day with a promising sixth overall, but teammate Gordon Crockard ended his in hospital.

With good weather preceding the popular round of the series, riders were met with an uncharacteristically dry track, with qualifying proving tricky due to the slow formation of any real racing line.

In the opening MX2 race of the day, Pocock turned an average start into a strong ride, fighting with Ray Rowson to the very end, to bring home a solid sixth place result.

A holeshot in race two reaffirmed Pocock’s start-line ability, before a slip-up in the early stages of the race saw the team’s youngest ride fight back once again. A promising ride saw the RM-Z250 rider up to fourth, before settling for fifth at the flag, - a position he repeated in the final race to end the day sixth overall and seventh in the series standings.

Mel Pocock: “ Overall I’m pretty pleased with how the round went. While our aim is to stand on the podium and ultimately the top-step, we’re making steady progress and I can genuinely say that I’ve never felt so comfortable on a bike. The track wasn’t easy initially today, simply because of how dry it’s been of late, but once a line began to form I could push hard and was happy to bag consistent top-ten finishes."

In MX1, the team’s effort would be sadly short-lived after a promising tenth place finish for Crockard in the opening race turned to drama and disappointment in race two with a crash that forced retirement from the round and a visit to hospital due to concussion.

Gordon Crockard:“Not an easy day at all. I’m feeling pretty beaten-up, but thankfully all in one piece. I just got caught out in a section of track that’s under tree cover, so it’s not easy to see the ruts and before I knew it, I was down. It’s disappointing to say the least, but I’m confident that I’ll be back on the bike next weekend for the first round of the Red Bull Pro Nationals.”

Team Manager, Adam Lyons: “Not quite the day we’d hoped for overall, but Mel showed everyone his speed and consistency and is certainly moving in the right direction. Naturally we’re just pleased that Gordon is well and pretty much uninjured. You won’t find a rider tougher than him and I’m confident we’ll have both riders ready and fighting fit for the opening round of the Red Bull Pro Nationals at the weekend.”

2011 Team Partners include: Suzuki GB PLC, Relentless, Beacon, Alpinestars, Pirelli, Talon, Rental, Polisport, Regina, Leo Vince Exhaust, Leo Vince Carbon, Pipercross, Red Torpedo, Worx, Hel, SPS, Samco, Moto Graphix, Motul, Factoryfoam

Race Results:

MX2 Race 1: 1st Arnaud Tonus, 2nd Zach Osborne, 3rd Elliott Banks Browne, 4th Mattis Karro, 5th Joel Roelants, 6th MEL POCOCK (SUZUKI), 7th Ray Rowson, 8th Stuart Edmonds, 9th Scott Elderfield, 10th Jordan Booker

MX2 Race 2: 1st Arnaud Tonus, 2nd Zach Osborne, 3rd Mattis Karro, 4th Joel Roelants, 5th Mel Pocock, 6th Elliott Banks Browne, 7th Bryan MacKenzie, 8th Ray Rowson, 9th Steven Clarke, 10th Stuart Edmonds,

MX2 Race 3: 1st Zach Osborne, 2nd Arnaud Tonus, 3rd Joel Roelants, 4th Elliott Banks Browne, 5th MEL POCOCK, 6th Mattis Karro, 7th Bryan Mackenzie, 8th Steven Clarke, 9th Scott Elderfield, 10th Alan Keet.

MX2 Overall: 1st Tonus, 2nd Osborne, 3rd Roelants, 4th Banks Browne, 5th Karro, 6th POCOCK (SUZUKI), 7th Elderfield, 8th Clarke, 9th Edmonds, 10th Mackenzie

MX2 Championship Standings: 1st Tonus (141), 2nd Osborne (119), 3rd Karro (109), 4th Bank Browne (101), 5th POCOCK (SUZUKI) (84), 6th Elderfield (63), 7th Mackenzie (60), 8th Rowson (58), 9th Nicholls (56), 10th Edmonds (56)

MX1 Race 1: 1st Shaun Simpson, 2nd Stephen Sword, 3rd Brad Anderson, 4th Sebastien Pourcel, 5th Kristian Whatley, 6th Jason Dougan, 7th Martin Bar, 8th Tom Church, 9th Markus Schiffer, 10th GORDON CROCKARD (SUZUKI)

MX1 Race 2: 1st Jason Dougan, 2nd Shaun Simpson, 3rd Kristian Whatley, 4th Markus Schiffer, 5th Brad Anderson, 6th Martin Barr, 7th Dorren Coutts, 8th Graeme Irwin, 9th Gert Krestinov, 10th Stephen Sword

MX1 Race 3: 1st Shaun Simpson, 2nd Stephen Sword, 3rd Kristian Whatley, 4th Brad Anderson, 5th Markus Schiffer, 6th Jason Dougan, 7th Gert Krestinov, 8th Tom Church, 9th Graeme Irwin, 10th Martin Barr

MX1 Overall: 1st Simpson, 2nd Whatley, 3rd Sword, 4th Dougan, 5th Anderson, 6th Schiffer, 7th Barr, 8th Krestinov, 9th Church, 10th Irwin

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