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Banger and Stock Car Racing

Street Stock or Banger racing vehicles are normally scrap cars (various classes have 4, 6, or 8 cylinder engines), but they can be constructed from almost any powered wheeled vehicle with bizarre versions of the sport using cars towing caravans or trailers happening as special events at some tracks.

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British Stockcar Association


Saloon Stockcar Association

National Hot Rod

Oval Track Legends

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Purfleet Essex
Smeatharpe (Honiton)and St Day (Cornwall)
County Durham
Shipham Somerset
Buxton, Peak District
The Racewall Cowdenbeath
Tenbury, Worcester
Birmingham, Hednesford and Horton, Northampton
Nutts Corner, County Antrim
Mildenhall Stadium, Suffolk and Dover Raceway, Coombe Valley, Kent
Skegness, Lincolnshire
Aldershot, Birmingham, Eastborne, Great Yarmouth, Hednesford, Ipswich, Northampton and Wimbledon
Standlake Oxordshire
Manchester, Coventry, Sheffield and Stoke
Kings Lynn, Norfolk
Carnforth, Lancashire

April 24th 2013

BriSCA F1 Stock Cars Final Birmingham

The BriSCA F1 Stock Car meeting Final from Birmingham Wheels Raceways World Championship Qualifying Round 20.04.2013. Brilliant racing from the Stars and Superstars in the closing stages of the race!

April 23rd 2013

Top Salford racer?s prized car destroyed in converted Rolling Stones tour bus fireball on the M6

Scott Davids, from Salford, and his team were on their way to a race meeting in Birmingham when their coach went up in a fireball on the motorway ? luckily they all managed to escape

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