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British Touring Car Championships

Thursday 29th March 2012


  • Bosch to be a technical sponsor for 2012 Honda BTCC team
  • Components supplied for the engine, throttle and fuel systems
  • Bosch Motorsport’s UK team has 23 years of experience in motorsport

Bosch has announced its technical sponsorship of the Honda British Touring Car Championship (BTCC) team, supplying key components for its 2012 title challenge.

The Honda team will benefit from a wide range of specialist Bosch Motorsport components on its race-prepared Honda Civic at all 10 BTCC rounds this season. The high quality motorsport components from Bosch have significant input on the car in three key areas: engine, throttle and fuel.

Within the engine, Bosch is providing a variety of production and motorsport components, including a MAP (Manifold Atmospheric Pressure) sensor used in the control strategy of the ECU and for diagnostics, as well as essential temperature and pressure sensors which monitor fuel, air, oil and water levels.

The Honda Civic will also benefit from a Bosch throttle potentiometer, which monitors throttle position to enable effective diagnostics and provide important data for detailed driver and vehicle analysis.

In addition, Bosch has produced a range of fuel components, including a fuel pressure regulator with housing that is specially designed for motorsport use. The adjustable regulator is used to maintain a constant fuel pressure at the injectors. Finally, EV6 motorsport injectors provide an optimum fuel flow rate for the engine with military grade wiring connectors to withstand extreme heat and offer exceptionally high durability.

Peter Fouquet, president of Bosch UK said: “We are delighted to be a technical sponsor for the Honda BTCC team in 2012. We have an established relationship with Honda, not only to provide components, but also Bosch’s technical expertise and the UK team’s 23 years of experience in motorsport.”

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