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New teams and new drivers flock to the Formula Ford British Championship. These newcomers were clearly aware that to win races in British Formula Ford, or even become British Champion, would give them greater credibility in the eyes of the global motorsport community than any other junior single seater category.

But as well as the respect that success in Formula Ford can give a career-minded driver, the other half of the equation is always the financial one, particularly in the current economic climate.

With budgets in rival single-seater championships continuingly escalating, it is a central principle of Formula Ford's future to constantly seek ways in which to cap or even reduce cost to teams and drivers. The Championship has removed the official testing programme, thus giving each driver and team the flexibility to tailor their own testing programme to suit their budgets and time.

Not only does Formula Ford offer lower annual running budgets that its rivals, it also offers maximum track time. This is arguably the single most important aspect of any young driver's development. Do the calculations - you will find that British Formula Ford Duratec costs around half the price per mile of its rivals.

With budgets being so hard to achieve at this level of the sport (and indeed each of the subsequent stages), every driver must consider very carefully just what that funding buys them at each step of the career ladder.

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Track Layout

1, 2 and 3 7th -9th April Oulton Park Track info
4, 5 and 6 18th-20th May Brands Hatch Track info
7, 8 and 9 9th-10th June Rockingham Track info
10, 11 and 12 23rd-24th June Brands Hatch Track info
13, 14 and 15 28th-29 July Nurburgring Track info
16, 17 and 18 4th-5th August Snetterton Track info
19, 20 and 21 8th-9th September Silverstone Track info
22, 23 abd 24 29th-30th September Donington Track info

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