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Success in Formula Ford

There is no better testimonial for aspiring drivers considering their choice of single-seater championship than to look ahead at the next steps on the ladder - Formula 3 and Champ Car. It is no secret around UK paddocks that Formula 3 team managers respect the development that Formula Ford gives its drivers over that offered by rival one-make, winged racing cars. That is why we choose to follow the Formula 3 calendar - just watch how the Formula 3 teams come out of their garages to watch the Formula Ford races.

The very best illustration of this comes from two of our top drivers from the last couple of years who have moved up from British Formula Ford to British Formula 3, then on to Euro F3 and Champ Car World Series. They have performed way above expectation, both winning races in the first half of their maiden seasons of British F3.

There is no other junior single seater formula in the UK or abroad that develops its top drivers highly enough to achieve this level of success. Built on Formula Ford foundations, both of these drivers' racing careers are tipped to go all the way.

Charlie Kimball Euro Formula 3
Charlie Kimball"As a driver, I can think of no better junior Formula than Formula Ford in which to prepare to race in Formula 3. F3 has always been a proving ground for young drivers because of its level of competition, technical education, as well as its extensive testing and racing. Formula Ford excels in those same three categories which allows a learning and developing driver to prepare him/herself best for the future. The technical foundation of Formula Ford is so important because it allows a driver to understand the basis of a racing car, mechanical grip, without being confused with aerodynamics. This core knowledge has given me the necessary tools to develop a new Formula 3 car in my first year. Furthermore, the amount of testing and racing in Formula Ford prepared me for the physical and mental tests of a 22 race season in F3. Without the education of Formula Ford, I would not be in a position to be as successful as I have been this year."

Dan Clarke Champ Car World Series
Dan Clarke"I competed a total of three years in the racing divisions of Formula Ford and enjoyed huge successes with race wins at Brands Hatch, Thruxton, Spa Francorchamps and most importantly, the Formula Ford Festival in 2004. Now in my first year of Formula 3 I'm already a race winner. And I can attribute much of that success, not only the car controlling skills I honed from driving Formula Fords, but also the racecraft I developed in the fast and exciting races in Fords. Any race fan will tell you, with the array of classes out there at the moment, Formula Ford is the only one that constantly guarantees close racing and overtaking. And I have that experience to thank for my success in Formula 3 and Champ Car since."

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