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Back in 2007 the British Formula Ford Championship entered, incredibly, its 40th consecutive year of delivering future champions. Drivers who have started their car racing careers, listed later in this pack, reads like a who's who of motorsport. It is this heritage that makes Formula Ford such an incredible championship to take part in. Nothing is a certainty in motorsport, but it always has been and always will be a pretty good bet that any driver who excels in British Formula Ford is on their way to great things in their driving career.

The strictly enforced technical regulations are one of the mainstays of the Championship over the years. Ford Motor Company are behind these regulations, with staff at Ford Motorsport in the Dunton Research Centre, writing and updating these, and providing the vital expertise of the Championship Scrutineer and Electronics Experts.

One of the key elements of its success is that formula ford, unlike all the other single-seater series that have come and gone in the UK over the past 20 years, is not a one-make championship. by allowing freedom of chassis design, engine build and numerous technical items of specification on the car, this drives the technical standards to exceptionally high levels from both teams and drivers.

Contrast the fixed specification of rival single-seater cars with the engineering freedom permitted for Formula Ford, and you will rapidly appreciate why Formula Ford drivers leave the series with exceptional levels of understanding of car set up and the implications of each chassis variation they try. This tends to be the reason that their careers progress so far thereafter. If you are serious about your driving career, missing the crucial learning experience that Formula Ford provides might just be the biggest mistake you make.

There are only two other professional single-seater racing formulae in the world that offer freedom of chassis and engine build - they are Formula 3 and Formula 1. This is why Formula Ford continues to resist aerodynamic aids such as wings and their resulting downforce giving drivers the only chance in their careers to master the mechanical grip that a car and tyre will produce when driven and set up properly. If a driver misses this crucial stage of learning (such as by choosing a one-make junior series with aerodynamic downforce), then they may never get a chance to regain this critical learning.

As Motorsport News asked recently: 'Can you really afford to skip Formula Ford?'

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