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F125 Superkarts

This is a very competitive class of Superkart, but has less ferocity in terms of engine performance compared to that of a 250 Superkart, but still capable of keeping within a couple of seconds on lap times in comparison to that of a 250 single. There is a vast array of engines eligible for use in this class, with the most popular ones such as Pavesi, TM and SGM being favoured, which are specifically designed for use in karting.

There is also a vast array of Chassis options available for use as well. The chassis can be divided into "short circuit" and "long circuit" use and they can be very different looking machines depending on the discipline, also some chassis are great at both. Its just a matter of bodywork, but again the most favoured tend to be that of the Anderson and Formula 1.

The 125 Superkart class is split into two categories, the 125 Open and 125 ICC. The 125 open class is for all single cylinder Reed and Rotary Valve engines comprising of six speed gearbox’s, tuning allowed and changing of carburettors as well. The class also run full long circuit body work. You may ask why don’t people use engines such as the motocross engines as used in the 250 class, well, if you look at the results sheets the majority of the field are running the Pavesi or TM engines, as these tend to rev on a lot more and they are specifically designed for Karting, with many years of development work being carried out by the factories and tuners. Also the parts are readily available and at a competitive price from various specialist dealers.

The 125ICC is very much similar, using the same engines, but they are all reed valve induction, and the Carburettors are restricted to 30mm in size and a set head volume also has to be adhered to. Tuning in this class is very restricted. The ICC’s run with the standard short circuit body work, and mainly run on the short circuit chassis variants such as Tony Kart, Marenello, Energy etc.

The 125 Superkart is a very cost effective class, with plenty of good quality second hand outfits available for as little as £1200 onwards. But if you fancy the more competitive option then a full new outfit can be bought for a price of £5000 onwards.


Blue plates White numbers,
Engines Virtually any 6 speed reed or Rotary single cylinder 125cc
Minimum weight - 190kg
Horse Power – 35 – 55 bhp
Cost £1000 - £8000


Healthy short circuit scene, good choice of equipment Available for a good price, good close racing and performance, huge amounts of knowledgeable drivers and engine developers always willing to help!
Relatively inexpensive to buy and maintain engines.
If you get the hang of one of these you will be fast in a 250!!


Can be very demanding to drive with engines needing to be kept on the boil at all times.
Engines can be very fragile if not looked after properly.
Huge amount of talent is required to win

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