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Karting is one of the most exciting and accessible forms of motor racing today. Whether it be indoor, outdoor or off-road it is a thrilling experience that everybody can enjoy whether you want to be a Formula One Driver or just have some fun with the kids.

Many of our top racing drivers today and in the past, started their careers with Karting. Below is some information about Kart racing.

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Karting Events and Fixtures for 2012

The CIK (Commission Internationale de Karting) is a specialised karting commision of the FIA, the governing body of Motor Sport.


K-FIA - 2012 Fixtures

The Association of British Kart Clubs (ABkC) -

The Association of British Kart Clubs (ABkC) was formed in 1990 to act as an interface between kart clubs and the sports governing body, the MSA, with whom there is a high degree of discussion and co-operation. Find out more about ABkC

ABkC '0" Plates - 2012 Fixtures


DJ Motorsport 320 Challenge


DJ Motorsport Enduro Series


DMax Championship


EKC Endurance Championship


Ellough Park (Non-MSA Championship)


F6 Championship


Formula Kart Stars




Open Endurance Championship


Premier Events (Others)


RAFMSA Inter Service Kart Championship


Super 1 - MSA


Super 1 - Rotax


Super 1 - TKM


Karting News

February 10th 2012


Caterham Motorsport has appointed 20-year old karting ace, Laura Tillett, to assist with development of the new karting championship it will launch in 2013.

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