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SuperKartSuperkarts can reach speeds over 260km/h (160mph). They have 250cc engines with gearboxes and are the fastest category racing on full sized car circuits. The 250cc Supercarts can often set faster lap times than more technically advanced racing cars. The biggest differences between a SuperKart and any other Kart are their full aerodynamic bodykits and 5 or 6 speed sequential gearboxes. Because of their high top speed and amazing cornering ability, the SuperKart's aerodynamic bodywork includes a front fairing, larger sidepods and a rear wing. They can accelerate from 0 to 60 in less than 3 seconds and because of their low weight they are capable of breaking from 100 mph to a standstill in about 2 seconds

British Superkart Divisions

Division one

Open to 250 cc karts with one or two cylinders and five or six speed gearboxes. They typically product 90 hp and are capable of around 160 mph. These are the fastest karts.

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Allowable specs for Division 1 Karts

Division Two

Open to single cylinder karts with 5 or 6 speed boxes. They typically produce 65 hp and are capable of 140 mph. However because they are lighter than the division one karts they can be just as quick on twisted circuits.

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